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Glass studio

Are you planning to open a glass studio?

Are you wondering what kind of equipment you need?

There are a lot of questions arising if you are planning to start your own glass studio.

You are most welcome to contact us at RAMCO for guidance!

  • Thanks to our long experience of building furnaces for the glass industry and our connections in the business we can offer you a custom-made furnace solution with required service and technical assistance.
  • We are happy to discuss and assist you which equipment that might be most suitable for you and your specific needs. 
  • We supply a range of mobile pot Glass melting furnace solutions. There are small, simple and cheap pot melting furnaces to more advanced production furnaces where the high glass quality, good and safe working environment and cheap maintenance are required. 
  • You can choose from either electrically heated or gas fired furnaces. 
  • We also supply other types of furnaces like Annealing Kilns, Glory Holes and Fusing Furnaces. 
  • Spare parts, pots, heating elements and refractory materials are also available in our stock.

We hope you find this interesting and please don't hesitate to contact us at RAMCO for further information...

We have delivered furnaces to Glass works: Orrefors, Kosta, Bergdala, Reijmyre, Målerås, Hadeland, Magnor and also to several glass studios.




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