What we do

At Ramco we have built and modernized furnace linings since late 1960's. This has given us a unique knowhow, which we are willing to share with you.

Modernisation and Service

In our staff we have highly qualified bricklayers with many years of experience of modernisation and service. Our staff is specialised in giving your furnace a better performance and lower running costs.

We are of course ready to help you with modernisation and service whenever it suits you, and with the resources you choose, all the year around and all over the world. Our customers within this field are among others; steel- and metal industries, glassworks, heating stations and cremation stations.

Custom made solutions with environmental friendly alternatives

Whatever your needs are, we can assure you that we can always construct a furnace which is completely custom made according to your requirements. At new production you can make the most of our experience of construction, assembly and materials. You will also automatically have access to our wide contact network of technical consultants and suppliers.

Pre-study - Detail construction - Installation - Bricklaying - Manufacturing - Service & maintenance